About Us

666 Parties

2016 saw the launch of 666 parties and  with each one the feedback got better and better. They were set up to allow other hot couples to join Mr & Mrs 666 at the venue they have so proudly created. Mrs 666 carefully vets all potential attendees to make sure they will enjoy the party and fit in with the other guests.


The parties are set in a Manor House not far from J23 of the M5. Easy access to anyone in the South West but many guests travel from much further afield. 

We are around 30 minutes drive from Bristol Airport for those flying in from Scotland/Ireland etc.

The venue boasts a bar, swimming pool, hot tub, sauna, steam room, numerous play bed areas and a fully equipped dungeon.

Why join us?

Why not?!!! Check out our feedback from previous parties to see what you may be missing out on! We always promise a night to remember.